Who is Allo Maman Tout Va Bien?

My name is Aïda Bennouna, a 26 years old girl made in Morocco. I lived in 5 different countries (Morocco, France, Spain, USA and Brazil ) so I can proudly consider my self as being a citizen of the world. Travel is my passion, as probably most of you, but I have decided to adopt it as a way of life for the following year. I will gladly  share on this page my daily adventures and my travel stories with you guys.

About Allo Maman Tout Va Bien

Allo maman tout va bien is a project that matured for over a year before I could finally find the courage to launch it. During my travels in Latin America, I realized how lucky I was to experience such amazing things and I wanted to find a way to share it with my friends, family and everyone else. From there was born the idea of Allo maman tout va bien whose main purpose is to share with each one of you my adventures, making you discover some aspects of the cultures and the countries I visit. Who knows? I may  inspire you to travel and help you choose your next destination.

Why the Urge to Go?

During my past trips, I realized that being adventurous does not necessarily mean doing extreme sports, jumping off a cliff, or swimming with sharks. No, infact I understood that being adventurous  is mostly leaving your comfort zone, changing your routine, and going to meat the unknown that scares you. Thus, I decided to get into an adventure of a year to satisfy my thirst of discovery, meet  great people along my way, learn new things, open my self to try new flavors, different foods  but mostly, to discover my inner self.


Potosi, Bolivia



Oahu, Hawaii


Uyuni, Bolivia.

What is my plan for the backpacking year around Asia? 

My plan is no plan.
This may seem foolish to many of you. Only some months ago, it did seem foolish to me too. But the whole purpose of this adventure is to go meet the unknown,  live the moment, live without worries and let it go. So I set a list of countries to visit, things I want to do, without limiting myself to organise every step of my travels. My bucket list for this Asian Year is long but here are some items of it :  I want to get my scuba diving certification, get trained by an ex Muay Thai Boxing Champion in Thailand, receive an Ayurveda treatment in India, volunteer in Sri Lanka, learn Japanese, take cooking classes in Vietnam, swim with whale sharks in the Philippines,  climb the Ijen volcano in Java (Indonesia), Fly in a hot air balloon over the temples in Burma or surf in Bali  … (I spare you the rest of the items because the list is very long).
Will I succeed crossing them all off of my list? Only time can tell us … I open myself to the universe, to what it has to offer me. I move according to my desires, to the beautiful people I meet along the way without worrying about time or my next destination … As some wise soul said: “It’s all about the journey not the destination”.

A Little More About Aïda

I am an eternal dreamer and I love to laugh until it hurts . I love people, link with them, create new friendships. I l love to learn new languages. I like it so much that I speak five languages (French, Arabic, English, Spanish and Portuguese), and yet eager to learn some more.
I challenge my self very often to overcome my fears. And believe me I need it because most of the time I am what you would call a “chicken”. For instance, I fear height, but I will not let my fear slave me and deprive me from fulfilling experiences.


Pingyao, China


Waimea Bay,  Hawaii


Tokyo, Japan.

I am a big fan of hiking and outdoor activities. I love nature and everything that relates to it. I love smelling flowers and feeling the energy of trees. I love to practice Yoga, and be surrounded with animals. Provide them love, play with them, caress them, take care of them. It fulfills me with happiness.


Bonito, Brésil.


Erfoud, Morocco.


Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

I love sports. I have not always been a sporty girl though but I got hooked to it some years ago. I practice Muy Thai Boxing, I like to do Rafting and sometimes I even run marathons all dressed up as a tiger. I just let my self try new things and enjoy activities of all kind.


Aghbalou, Morocco


Bay to Breakers 12K Marathon, San Francisco


Terres d’Amanar, Morocco

I would not say more about my self. Instead I invite to discover it all through my page. I hope that Allo Maman Tout Va Bien will somehow make you guys escape through my travel stories, my little adventures and all my pictures.