Taste of India : 6 Delicious Indian Breads you have to try

Indian cuisine is one of the most addictive cuisines I got to try. Being a total addict of bread, India was heaven for me. As a matter of fact, I spent a month there and I would sometimes only have some delicious Indian breads as a meal. And that would totally satisfy my tummy and lift up my mood. Yes! You got it! Indian bread is Rad.

The beauty about Indian Cuisine is that it can be very simple but very complicated at the same time. It takes sometimes a very long process to cook a dish. But, on the other hand, you can turn a simple naan into a full meal by adding some filling of your choice. That way, what was an accompaniment at first turns into a tasty filling dish.

My gastronomic experience in India was unique and very delightful. I discovered so many new flavors, textures, and unusual mixes. Today, I want us to discover together all types of delicious breads you can try in India. But first things first, why is bread so important in Indian culture?

Bread in Indian Culture

delicious indian breads

Beyond it’s nutritional aspect, bread has a significant social and emotional meaning in many cultures. In India, no meal is complete without flat bread. Have you ever wondered from where these delicious Indian Breads originate? I did!

There are several theories about the origin of the most famous indian breads we all love. Most of them take it to the Vedic period. “Chapati” by that time used to have a thicker texture. It was usually stuffed with lentils or vegetables and offered during the Homas (offering made into fire).

Another theory states that the flat round bread made its way through the Trade road. Travelers and wanderers would have brought the knowledge of making wheat bread with no fermentation all the way from East Africa to India. Therefore, The Swahili people would some how  have influenced the daily habits of indian people without leaving there village.
Isn’t that so fascinating?

That said, let’s get serious over here and discover together 6 types of delicious Indian Breads you could indulge your self to try in India, or simply at an Indian restaurant near you.


garlic-naan delicious indian breads
We all heard or tried at least once this typical  bread from West, Central and South Asia. It originated from India but is now eaten all around the world.
Naan is made of flour, yeast, sugar, eggs and milk and cooked in a Tandoor ( clay or metal oven). It has a soft and fluffy texture. It could be plain or stuffed with delicious ingredients of your choice.
My favorite Naan is the garlic and cheese Naan. I would eat it at least once a day during my month in India. Try it! But be careful, it might become an addiction!



This is one of the most popular unleavened flat breads in India and Pakistan.
The dough is layered several times and folded coated with Ghee(clarified butter) or Oil. It is then, first baked on a Tava (traditional cooking pan) then shallowly fried.
I personally love Paratha, it kind of gave me a little taste of home when I was in India. It surprisingly looks and tastes like the moroccan “Rghifa”. My favorite is the plain one with a side of curry. Yummy !



Roti, also known as Chapati is a bread cooked dried over a tandoor. It is made of whole wheat or white flour and has usually a tick texture.
Chapati is usually a main ingredient of Thalis (Indian meal made with various small dishes ) or a side to main dishes. It is very easy to make since you only need wheat, water and salt !
The best Roti I had was in Varanasi, it was served as a side for my Palak Paneer. A memorable meal!



This bread is so thin that it looks more like a pan cake or a crepe than a bread. It has a very unique taste because of its fermented batter.
Dosa’s main ingredients are Rice and Black Gram. It is a typical south Indian bread but is popular all over the country. I loved to have it for breakfast and my favorite one is definitely the Masala Dosa.



Puri is a deep fried unrevealed bread. It is a very common snack and breakfast all around india. Usually, it is the bread of choice for special occasions such as festivals and religious celebrations.
I first tried Puri in the streets of New Delhi and I loved it. It is salty, it has a light texture and goes perfectly well with the flavorful indian dishes. A must try !

6. Papadum


This bread from legume flour is absolutely delicious. It is thin and crispy and full of flavor. The dough can be dried in the sun, oven cooked or even fried. I had it for the first time at Saloni’s house, a student from Jaipur who invited me for a snack made with love by her grandmother. I absolutely loved it. Next time you go to an Indian restaurant, give it a try! You wont be disappointed!

Here was short list of my favorite Indian breads I wanted to share with you. And you? What’s your favorite Indian Bread? Leave me a comment below telling me all about the indian breads you like and the ones you would like to try.
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